Planetarium Engineering Snack



Hello World. This is Team Planetarium — builders of open source library that allows anyone to create decentralized multi-play game through blockchain technology.

Ever since Bitcoin revealed itself to the world in 2009, lots of studies and researches have been done on decentralization and blockchain tech. These concepts can be traced back to a specific field in computer science called distributed computing. Despite a fairly lengthy history of these technologies, applying them in conjunction with game development process at the blockchain core level often causes difficulties, e.g., direct application of existing research or a lack of implementations in the platforms required for game development.

We’re going to share what we’ve learned through our trial and error in short, light format. Like “snack”, we’re aiming for short, breathless experiences that do not burden readers compared to conventional, gruesome blog posts — and we’re hoping to update them regularly.

We’ll be back with our first post. Till then.